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I was fortunate enough to be apart of a study tour to visit design studios, companies and factories while immersing myself in the Asian culture of Hong Kong, Shenzen and Taiwan. This blog will be about my experience in relation to design in Asia.


Day 1 Saturday 19th November 2016

On Friday I arrived in Hong Kong- Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island, where my hotel is located. The next day I went on an adventure to Kowloon Island, starting off by taking the star ferry.


I found the public transport in Hong Kong very reliable and easy to navigate. There are signs everywhere that are colour coded and lots of exits to different places/ streets to reach your destination quickly. And clear signs and audio of the routes and stops inside carriages. As a solo traveller (for about a day and an half), and with minimal research about the MTR system, I did not get lost. However, I found adding money to the Octopus card, similar to the Go-card system in Queensland. I also caught the bus to the star ferry pier, which is a different experience, which was a double decker and had a screen with the upcoming stops- which was useful as a new traveller.


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