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Echos School of Design Thinking: Open Morning

Updated: May 15, 2018

Design Thinking Workshop

The Thursday Morning, I attended a Open Morning Design Thinking Workshop

at Fishburners, hosted by the Echos School of Design Thinking. Echos started in Brazil and now have innovation labs in Australia and Portugal. It was a great hands on workshop, learning about the design process, design thinking and design innovation.

We had a introduction on about what design thinking is, the process and the approach and went through two case studies before working in three teams on a problem- Blood

Donation, following the double diamond method.

To approach the problem, we followed the Approach Design Thinking method (3rd picture on the right). So, as teams we firstly discussed the context to understand the problem, then did research. In pairs we interviewed each other to gather data. Then categorised information and turned them into personas (4th image on the right), to

understand the point of view of the users. From this we did ideation/ brainstorming of potential ideas to help encourage users to donate blood. Then we had about 10 minutes to prototype the concept and test it and then iterate the concept. It was a fast, but very insightful workshop, especially when presenting and seeing what other teams had came up with potential design solutions and how to approach a problem.

I think going to a hands on workshop really helped to understand more about the design thinking process. Even as a industrial design graduate, we do learn about the double diamond method and how to apply it to a problem, but we briefly learn about applying a design thinking approach to a problem. Also, I think going to these events helps to keep up to date with industry too and helps to get free education/ knowledge too!! ;)

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